Our Story

Good day!

Established in 2018. The reason why Classy Glass came to be was because I believed and still believe people deserve to get the best out of what they pay for and much more.

- Seth Armes

Confidently, Classy Works Inc is THE company that is incomparable in quality and reputation because the true reason why Classy Glass is such an amazing company is due to the fact that I love everything about my company. We continuously put all of our passion, hard-work, and creativity into this business and bring in the light to all who hire the Classy brand. We leave each and every home with smiles and happiness from my customers whom have helped us achieve what we have been able to do in the time since company creation, for which, we are most grateful.

We are an up and coming family owned small business located in the Dallas - Fort Worth area and would very much so enjoy doing business with you!

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